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This is a family atmosphere and should be treated as such therefore you will be warned only Once about the use of profanity before being asked to leave!

General Rules* (This rules can be change without notice *)

  1. REGISTRATION 1.1. Each team pays $50.00 in each league and there is no refund for any reason after the first played match. The registration must be paid no later than the third game or the team is disqualified.
  2. 1.2. All the leagues are OPEN. (Unless it is specified) the players must be 18 years old.
  3. 1.3. All youth players (under 18 years old) will have to present a writing authorization from his/her parents or tutors.
  4.  1.4. All the players must sign a document [WAIVER & RELEASE FROM LIABILITY] where they express that they are going to play under its responsibility. Exempting all responsibility that to the organizers than it happens within the field.
  5. 1.5. All players must register and take a picture
  6. 1.6. Each team can register a maximum of 14 players and minimum 5.
  7. Players may be added to a team’s roster up to the 5th game of the regular season. (Qualifying Phase) then new players are not allowed. (We have an exception of a maximum of 2 new inscriptions if the team has an injured player and is verified through a note of the Doctor)
  8. 1.8 CLEAN THE BENCHES AREA: After the game all the teams must clean the benches area. (Pickup bottles, etc and put it in the trash can) If the referee check the are and find trash the team will be punish with one point (1) or $20.00 fee.



2.1. Only 14 players are allowed in each team plus the coach and assistant, (a total of 16 on the team). (No more people are allowed in the benches area.  If a team breaks this rule will be warned the first time verbally. The second time will receive a yellow card and the third time a red card).

2.2. The game will be played with 5 players plus the goalie having a total of 6.

2.3. All teams must present a minimum 4 players in the field including the goalie.

2.4. If a team does not have the minimum of players, it will lose the game by regulation [FORFEIT].


3.1. All players must use shinguards, including the goalie.

3.2  No jewelry, hats, jeans, metal braces, or dress shoes are permitted to be worn during the game.

3.3. The players must use Indoor or Turf shoes, (Non CLEATS allowed). All the teams are required from (5) the fifth game to have a complete uniforms.

  1. The Match will use a free ball.

4.1. All the games will consist of 2 times of 20 minutes with half time of 2 minutes. 4.2. All the teams must be ready (with game uniform and a minimum of 4 players) at least 5 minutes before the game. A grace of five (2) minutes is allowed for each team.  After the 2 minutes the game will start 2-0 against the team that is late and time will be running.

4.3. The team that does not comes to a game without any justification will have to pay  $90 dollars and will lose the game.

4.4. Any game that is suspended before the first half by climatic factors or of another reason that is not fight will be reschedule by the organization.

4.5. If a game is suspended by a fight of both teams, invasion of field of the substitutes or any act of violence, the game will not be reschedule. A final decision will be taken base on the referee report. Any game that is suspended for climate factors before the first half will be reschedule. Games with 75% of time played will not be reschedule.

  • One player from each team shall be designated as the goalkeeper.
  • The goalie must wear a different shirt from the other players so that the officials can clearly identify him/her.
  • Anytime the goalkeeper is changed the official shall be notified.
  • The goalkeeper has five (5) seconds to put the ball into play once he/she has possession.
  • Failure to put the ball in play in the allotted time will result in an Indirect Free Kick to the opposite team at the closest line to the goalie.
  • The goalkeeper may not handle the ball that has been footed by a teammate. If the ball is played back to the goalie by a teammate from below the waist, the goalkeeper may not handle the ball with his/her hands.

6.1. All substitution will be done asking the referee.

6.2. Nobody else can be in the field but the 6 players. The trainer and the assistant must be outside with all the other substitute players.

6.3. Unlimited substitutions are allowed.

6.4. The player will have to leave the field before entering the substitute. The player that does not respect this rule will be sanctioned with yellow card.

6.5. The substitutions will be free; the players will be able to enter and to leave all the time.

6.6. Minimum of 3 players is required during a game. If for any reason one of the teams or both have less than 3 players during a game, the game will finished. The score of the game will be taken on the referee report.


    7.1. All free kicks will be indirect, except for faults:
    7.1.1. If a player return the ball to his own goalkeeper and he take it with his/her hands.
    7.1.2. If a player spend more than 5 seconds to play ball.
    7.2. In any direct free kick, the opponents must be at least 3 meters [4 steps] of the ball. The player who does not respect the distance will be punished with a blue card.
    7.3. Slide tackling will not be permitted.
    7.4. A goal may not be score directly from kick off or a throw in or corner. The ball must be touch by any player or goalkeeper to validate the goal.
    7.5. Throw in will be executed with the feet. The ball must be completely stopped.
    7.6. The player may move to the ball in any free kick including penalty kick.

(PENALTY KICK; slide tackle inside the box trying to save any goal, will be called a foul)

8. Shootouts and Penalty Kicks

Penalty Kick: A Penalty Kick:

(a) The ball is placed at the Free-Kick Mark;

(b) The Goalkeeper has both feet on his Goal Line until the ball is in play; and

(c) The player taking the Penalty Kick may not take more than one step. If he doesn’t obey this rule he/she will have a second change, the third time that the player doesn’t obey this rule the penalty kick will be cancel.

Shootout: For a Shootout: The “Shootout” is implemented in every game.
Up to 5 collective faults committed in each period is made using a barrier.
Every foul after that is penalized with a “Shootout”. After

(a) Any player may take the Shootout;

(b) All players of the attacking team stand on or behind the Halfway Line and outside of the Center Circle. Players of the defending team stand behind the Halfway Line and inside of the Center Circle;

(c) The ball is placed at the Restart Mark nearer the attacking Goal;

(d) The Goalkeeper has at least one foot on his Goal Line and may not move off of it until after the Referee whistles the Shootout to begin and opponent touches the ball.

(e) Once the Referee whistles the Shootout to begin, the ball is “in play” and the player taking the Shootout plays the ball.
(f). The faults are cumulative until the end of the first half and then are cleared at the beginning of the 2nd half and start from 0 faults.


Team Violations: The Referee issues a Team Penalty for the following violations by a team or unidentified person:

(a) Leaving Team Bench: Players leave a Team Bench to join a fracas or Confrontation with the opposition or a Game Official;

(b) Bench Dissent: After an initial “Warning,” one or more unidentifiable players verbally abuse the Referee.
9.1. Any player who assaults an opponent or any person (referee) will be expelled from the tournament and must leave immediately the sports center.  The player maybe expelled from Atlanta Eagles for a specific time.
9.2. If a team is starts a fight will be sanctioned and the organization will decide whether the team is expelled from the tournament based on the referee report.
9.3. If a player insults an opponent, public, referee or somebody else, will be punished with a red card and at least two (2) game suspensions.
9.4. Any player who demonstrates unsportsmanlike attitude (bad behavior), shall be punished with a red card and must leave the field and the organization will apply the disciplinary sanction.
9.5. If a player received a double yellow card will received a minimum of (1) game suspension or (2) game suspension according to referee report.  Straight red card will be penalized with a minimum of two (2) games.
9.6. If a player assaults (physically or verbally) to a leader of the organization, the referee or a spectator will be ejected from the tournament.

9.7 Video cameras are recording 24 hours in the field. The video will be used to determine any disciplinary sanction..
9.10. Only the coach or assistant coach may have questions and / or complaints. Under no circumstances should any player, spectator, fan or member of the team may complain, yell or insult the referee or opposing team before, during and after the game. If a team breaks this rule will receive a verbally “warning” the first time and must control the team. The second time the team members/fans involved will have (2) minutes to leave the sports center, or we will call the proper authorities. Remember Atlanta Eagles Sports Center is a family place.


Blue, Yellow and Red Cards:


  1. BlueCard:A player receiving a blue card must leave the field for two minutes. If the same player receives second blue card will result in a yellow card.
    2. Yellow Card: A player receiving a yellow card must leave the field for two minutes. If the same player receives two yellow cards will get a red card.
    3. Red Card: A player receiving a red card must leave the field and and the team area permanently. Depending on the infraction the player must leave the building. The team must play for 5 minutes without (1) player. 2 yellow cards for the Same player results in a red card. A player with a red card by Another teammate replace dog after 5 minutes.


The Referee

The decisions of the Referee regarding facts connected with play and interpretations of the Rules are final.

10.1. SCORE
Game tied = 1 POINT
10.2. Scores in the tournament.
10.3. Direct comparison.
10.4. Number of victories.
10.5. Goals for and against (average gols).
10.6. Number of yellow / red cards
(The team with the least will be the best qualified).
10.7. All qualifying games will be defined to finish tied for first in shootouts.
10.8.1. Each team will kick 3 shootouts. It persists equal
result, Continue 1 to 1 per team until a winner.

11.1. The tournament will be done with 1 group of 6 teams.
11.2. Everyone plays against all plus two more regular games (8 matches guaranteed).
11.3. At the end of the 8 games the first 2 top teams will classify to the semifinal. The other four (4) teams will enter the playoffs with direct elimination. Then the winners will play semifinal at double elimination and final single elimination.


1st PLACE Trophy and medals

2nd PLACE Trophy and medals